Save up to 18.77% with the ANZ StarCash Card when you refuel at Caltex.

Receive up to 18.77% savings on the S$200 ANZ StarCash prepaid card when you purchase with your ANZ Credit Card. You can now save more when you refuel at any Caltex service station.

Here's how you can save on your petrol:

Savings derived from the purchase of a S$200 ANZ StarCash Card Total Savings (S$) Total Savings (%)
Discount from the purchase of the ANZ StarCash Card Thanks! Points (in cash value) ANZ Rewards Points/ Travel$ earned (in cash value)
ANZ Platinum Credit Card S$31.00 S$2.23 S$0.68 S$33.91 16.96%
ANZ Signature Priority Banking Credit Card S$31.00 S$2.23 SS$1.35 S$34.58 17.29%
ANZ Travel Visa Signature Credit Card S$31.00 S$2.23 S$4.30 S$37.53 18.77%
Table above is for illustration only. The total savings (%) is rounded up to 2 decimal places.
Terms and Conditions
The listed savings are valid for ANZ Credit Cards issued in Singapore only and calculated based on the following:
  1. Premium 95 with Techron at a prevailing pump price of S$2.24 per litre. 40 Thanks! points equivalent to S$1.00. For details of the Thanks! points programme, visit
  2. 1 ANZ Rewards Points will be issued for every S$5 charged on all other Rewards Points earning ANZ Credit Cards. 2 ANZ Rewards Points for every S$5 charged on ANZ Signature Priority Banking Credit Cards.
  3. 500 ANZ Rewards Points are required to redeem S$10 Caltex Petrol Voucher via the ANZ Rewards Programme.
  4. 1.4 Travel$ will be issued for every dollar spent on ANZ Travel Visa Signature Credit Card. Cardmembers will also enjoy savings based on Thanks! points at a similar rate as (a).
  • ANZ StarCash prepaid card (the "StarCash Card") is issued by Chevron Singapore Pte. Ltd. ("Chevron") and the use of the StarCash Card shall be governed by the terms and conditions set out on
  • The StarCash Card is valid for 12 months from date of purchase and is on sale at all Caltex service stations in Singapore, except Caltex Braddell, Caltex East Coast, Caltex Sembawang and Caltex Upper Thomson.
  • The StarCash Cards are available while stocks last.
  • The StarCash Card must be purchased with an ANZ Credit Card (excluding corporate cards) to enjoy the discounted price.
  • The StarCash Card carries a stored value of S$200 at the time of purchase and can only be used for fuel purchases at all Caltex service stations in Singapore.
  • The StarCash Card cannot be used for StarMart or other store purchases at Caltex service stations. Fuel purchases paid with the StarCash Card shall not be entitled to any site discount or discount programs or other privileges/promotions.
  • No Caltex Thanks! points will be issued for the purchase of the StarCash Card.
  • Thanks! points may be awarded for qualifying fuel purchases made with the StarCash Card, subject to the Caltex Thanks! Cardholder terms and conditions.
  • The StarCash Card cannot be topped-up, refunded for cash, rewards points or exchanged for any other products and services other than its intended purpose.
  • If the monetary value of Cardmember's fuel purchase exceeds the remaining value on the StarCash Card, the Cardmember must make the balance payment using an ANZ Credit Card.
  • ANZ is not an agent of Chevron.
  • Any dispute between Cardmember and Chevron, in respect of the StarCash Card, shall be resolved directly between Cardmember and Chevron.
  • ANZ and Chevron shall not be liable to Cardmember for any loss and/or cost of damages of any kind resulting from the use of the StarCash Card.
  • ANZ and Chevron reserve the right to vary, delete or add to any of these terms and conditions from time to time or to suspend or terminate the Promotion at any time.
  • Caltex StarCash full terms and conditions apply. For StarCash Terms and Conditions, click here for more details.