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Transport Benefits

Getting around is now a breeze with 5% cash rebate on MotorPay and EZ-Reload.

Receive a 5% cash rebate* on all ERP transactions when you sign up for MotorPay at

Receive a 5% cash rebate^ on EZ-Reload auto top-ups when you register with your ANZ Credit Card at

Terms and Conditions
• *5% MotorPay cash rebate is capped at a maximum of S$30 per quarter per principal cardmember, and subject to a minimum retail spend of S$500 per month • 5% MotorPay cash rebate is not applicable on the monthly subscription of S$1.00 • Monthly subscription fee of S$1.00 is applicable for MotorPay service • For more details on MotorPay service, visit • ^5% EZ-Reload cash rebate is capped at a maximum of S$30 per quarter per principal cardmember, and subject to a minimum retail spend of S$300 per month • A S$0.25 convenience fee for each and every auto top-up is imposed by EZ-Link Pte Ltd • For more details on EZ-Link Auto Credit Card Top-up facility, visit • The Programme is open to Principal and Supplementary Credit Cardmembers • Minimum spend to qualify for 5% Cash Rebate is required per month and not accumulative per quarter • Minimum spend requirement refers to retail spend only and excludes cash advances, balance transfers, fund transfer, FlexiPlan, FlexiLoan, 0% Interest Instalment Payment Plan, any fees and charges, and/or any amount brought forward from the last statement • Cash Rebates may only be used to settle Card Transactions incurred on a Principal Cardmember's Card • Cash Rebates may not be converted to or exchanged for cash nor be transferred or paid to any person in any manner whatsoever nor be used to settle or pay any other liability of any person whatsoever • Cash Rebate earned by a Supplementary Cardmember will be credited to the Principal Cardmember's card account • Any accumulated cash rebate will be automatically forfeited and shall not be transferable to any other ANZ Credit Card should the account be terminated upon the Principal Cardmember's request or the termination of the account by the Bank for any reason whatsoever • Cash Rebates are not extended to the Bank Corporate Cardmembers • Cardmembers are responsible to inform MotorPay and/or ez-link in the event of any changes in their Credit Card details upon the Principal Cardmember's request or by the Bank for any reason whatsoever. The bank will not be responsible for any failed transactions and any fees imposed by MotorPay and/or ez-link as a result. • The Bank reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions without prior notice and shall not be liable for any errors resulting in the cash rebate not being credited to the Cardmember's Credit Card account. Such amendments shall be binding on the Cardmember with effect from such date as the Bank may determine • All offers are not valid with other promotions, discounts, privileges or vouchers • All payments have to be made with your Credit Card. Merchant Terms & Conditions apply • The Bank reserves the right to vary/amend any featured offers without prior notice to Cardmembers • The Bank will not be responsible for the quality, merchantability or the fitness for any purpose or any other aspect of the offers listed above • The Bank is not an agent of the merchants listed above • Any dispute between Cardmember and the merchant(s), in respect of the above offers shall be resolved directly between Cardmember and the merchant(s). • The Bank shall not be liable to Cardmember for any loss and/or cost of damages of any kind resulting from the use of the above offers, and Cardmember shall indemnify the Bank for any claims, actions, losses, damages or costs (including legal costs on a full indemnity basis) made against or incurred by the Bank in connection therewith.