Annual Fee for Supplementary ANZ Credit CardsAnnual FeeFee Waiver
ANZ Personal MasterCard Credit CardS$30 p.a.3-year
ANZ Platinum MasterCard Credit Card
ANZ Platinum Visa Credit Card
S$80 p.a.1-year
ANZ Switch Platinum MasterCard Credit CardNo Annual Fee Ever
ANZ Signature Priority Banking Visa Infinite Credit Card 1st & 2nd Card - No Annual Fee Ever
3rd Card - S$300 p.a.
ANZ Travel Visa Signature Credit Card S$100 p.a.1-year
  • Supplementary Credit Card application is only applicable to existing Principal Cardmember
  • Principal Cardmember can only apply for 2 supplementary credit cards using this application form. For Principal Cardmembers who wish to apply for more than 2 supplementary credit cards, you will have to submit more than 1 supplementary credit card application form.
  • Supplementary applicant must be 18 years old and above
  • The Bank will only issue supplementary credit cards that are of the same card type as the Principal Cardmember
  • Please note that the particulars provided on this form will not be updated in the Bank's records. For updating of particulars, please complete the information update form (change of contact details) which can be found on
  • Please follow these steps to submit your application form:
    1. Complete all the fields marked with asterisk in this application
    2. Print and sign on the application form
    3. Attach a copy of the supplementary card applicant's IC (Front & Back) for Singaporean / PR or passport for foreigners
    4. Send the application form and document back to us using the Business Reply Envelope (BRE) or fax to us at 6637 6970
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