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Summary of revisions to the ANZ Travel Card Rewards Programme Terms and Conditions with effect from 15 February 2016.

  1. A Cardmember's Card Account must be in good standing and conducted in a proper and satisfactory manner in order to be eligible to participate in the Programme.
  2. A Principal Cardmember's Card Account that has been inactive for 12 calendar months or more will be disqualified from participating in the Programme and all unused Travel$ then accrued shall automatically be cancelled and forfeited, without further notice from the Bank.
  3. EZ-Link/TransitLink transactions, Insurance plan payment(s), Brokerage/Securities transactions and online gaming transactions will not be eligible for Travel$.
  4. Cardmember will earn 1.4 Travel$ for every S$1 equivalent of retail spend and capped at 100,000 Travel$ per monthly statement.
  5. Cardmember will earn bonus 1.4 Travel$ for every S$1 equivalent of retail spend at participating merchants and capped at 14,000 Travel$ per monthly statement.
  6. Principal Cardmember will receive 10,000 Travel$ for renewal of his/her annual membership for the Card Account. The 10,000 Travel$ will be credited upfront into the Card Account upon being charged with the annual membership fee. For the avoidance of doubt, the Cardmember will not be entitled to receive the 10,000 Travel$ if the Bank does not receive payment for the annual membership fee in cash from the Cardmember.
  7. No instruction by the Cardmember regarding the use of Travel$ can be altered, reversed, or cancelled once the Rewards redemption request has been processed.

ANZ Travel Card Rewards Programme

Note: ANZ Travel Card Rewards Programme Terms and Conditions will be revised from 15 December 2015. Each conversion of Travel$ to KrisFlyer miles under the Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Programme must be done in blocks of 5,000 miles, subject to a minimum of 5,000 miles per conversion.